1966 Shelby GT350 “Carryover” S/N 6S246



A rare opportunity to acquire a truly exceptional, fully numbers-matching 1966 GT350 “Carryover” with just 5 owners from new.

SFM6S246 is one of the 252 highly desirable 1966 “Carryover” cars which began life as late 1965 GT350s which were later serialized and sold new as 1966 model year cars. Most Shelby aficionados consider these 252 cars to be the best of the “first” GT350s due to their 1965 chassis and features (lowered upper a-arms, all-aluminum T-10M transmission, over-ride rear traction bars, 15” wheels, 1965 interior, 1965 Ford VIN) combined with the enhancements for 1966 (Plexiglas quarter windows, rear brake cooling scoops, rear seat, rear-exiting exhaust, etc.) More of this interesting story can be found at the great website www.carryovergt350.com .

6S246 is a fantastic and very original specimen with a wonderful and air-tight history from new. Never restored, but rather simply maintained as needed and repainted once over 30 years ago, it was originally equipped as it sits today with factory LeMans stripes, Cragar wheels, and the optional rear seat.

It was sold new in 1966 to its first owner, Mr. Mike Muldoon, by a young salesman by the name of Ron Kaeser at Fuller Ford, Inc. in Cincinnati Ohio. Kaeser would later report that 6S246 had been “on the lot” at Fuller for a while before he was able to sell it but he didn’t mind because he used to take it home as his demonstrator and loved the car. So when it sold he was pleased with the commission but no so pleased to see 6S246 go. But fate has a way of fixing such things. In 1971 Muldoon came back to Fuller Ford looking to trade 6S246 back in on something more practical, a station wagon in fact. So Kaeser decided he wasn’t going to let this GT350 get away from him twice and he bought it on the spot.

Ron Kaeser would go on to enjoy 6S246 for 33 years until he hauled it to SAAC-29 at Michigan International Speedway in July 2004. And it just so happens that yours truly was standing there when Ron pulled into the car show area and started to unload 6S246. I caught one glimpse of the car, being unloaded from Ron’s matching white with blue stripe vintage Ford ramp truck, and knew I had to own it. I was able to strike a deal and 6S246 went home with me after three decades in Ron’s care. Shortly after that a good friend of mine also decided he had to have 6S246 and we did a little trading, only to find me buying back 6S246 again in 2007! And once again another good friend decided 6S246 was too good to pass up and he purchased it from me a few months later. Unfortunately this friend would pass away three years later. His family has retained 6S246 since but has just made the difficult decision to sell it so I am helping them accomplish that goal for this great car, itself feeling like family after 17 years of being in this small circle of friends.

But a little more about the condition of 6S246: With just 48,000 original miles it is a highly original and rust free car featuring all of its original sheetmetal. Of course that includes the crucial original front fender aprons with all of their original Ford VIN stamps and date codes. The Shelby VIN tag is the original one fitted to this car, not a replacement. Inside the dash pad is original and mint, as is the original steering wheel. The seats are the original Ford vinyl and excellent. The tach is the original one this car left Shelby with, not a reproduction. As mentioned the paint is 30+ years old, still very presentable and honest but not without some crazing on the fiberglass hood, stone chips and road rash as one would expect from a GT350 that has been driven and enjoyed its entire life. The chassis is clean and dry with no damage or rust but just a light coating of old undercoating and some rattle-can black detailing done by Ron over the years he was showing the car, back when a “show car” meant you did stuff like that to keep it sharp and clean.

The engine block is the original numbers matching unit installed at Ford with its original VIN clearly visible. It also has all of its original/ correct components- S2MS intake, correct S2MS 715CFM Holley carburetor, HiPo (K Code) heads, original valve covers, balancer, oil pan, dual point distributor, etc. The exhaust appears to be an older NOS system and features Ford engineering numbers on the pipes.

The coveted all-aluminum T-10M trans is original to the car, as is the remainder of the drivetrain including the special 9” rear end and factory “big” brakes still fitted with the original sintered metallic linings that were fitted at Shelby in 1965.

The car runs, drives, and shifts extremely well and has the fantastic, hyper K Code soundtrack you’d expect.

6S246 was also featured in my book “The Complete Book of Shelby” on p.142 which explains what a Carryover car is.

In summary: 6S246 is a fantastic, completely honest and unrestored carryover car with great mechanical fitness and a wonderful patina. In a sea of restored cars 6S246 stands proud as few GT350s possess this kind of structural integrity, originality, and crystal clear history. Heck, I believe in the car so much I’ve owned it twice!


Year: 1966
Mileage: 48,000 mi
Condition: Un-restored with older repaint and detailing
Exterior Color: White/Blue
Interior Color: Black
Transmission: T-10M 4 Speed
Final Drive: 3.89:1 with Detroit Locker
Engine: 289 CID K Code V8
Drivetrain: RWD