1965 Shelby GT350 #346- Restored by CCA


This 1965 GT350 is one of the finest available. A life-long California “Black Plate” car with an impeccable history I purchased it in 2014 from its 30+ year owner Mitch Durbin. I later sold it to its current owner, a very good friend and noted Shelby collector, and then restored it for him over a two-year period in our shop adhering to his directive to “make it the best!” Today it remains what few 1965 GT350s are, a completely numbers-matching ORIGINAL drivetrain car with all of its ORIGINAL factory sheetmetal, tags, components, and even its original upholstery. And, of course, I take great pride in the quality of the restoration. It was not just done to be correct but also so the car drives and performs like cars from our shop are known to. We don’t turn out show ponies we create Shelbys that live up to, or exceed, the legend! After all, trailer queens are no fun and improperly restored and unsorted GT350s, or ones with far worse sins, are unfortunately the norm these days.

But I digress. Back to ‘ol #346. As some examples of the depth of the 2,000 plus hour restoration of this great California car the body, paint, and interior were all done in-house at CCA under my supervision with every effort made to preserve and restore original components, hardware, and trim rather than the new standard of just bolting on reproduction junk. The original engine in 346 was rebuilt by one of the best Ford race shops in the country, balanced, blueprinted and tuned to perfection on the dyno; the original aluminum T-10 rebuilt with its original gearset REM treated and fitted with NOS bearings and synchros and other updates; the fuel system made to live happily with ethanol, and many more hidden tweaks to its assembly and tuning that truly makes this a GT350 that is a joy to drive- and one that will last many more lifetimes. Its restoration is also documented with hundreds of photos documenting what it looked like before, during, and after the restoration.


Year: 1965
Condition: Expertly restored by CCA
Exterior Color: White
Interior Color: Black
Transmission: Original T-10 4-speed
Final Drive: 3.89:1
Engine: Original numbers matching 289 K-Code
Drivetrain: RWD