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colin-comerHi, I’m Colin Comer, founder of Colin’s Classic Automobiles. Cars have always been my passion.  About twenty-five years ago my friends and family were giving me the hairy eyeball because I was at the age where I was supposed to have a “real job.” Previous to this I had enough real-ish jobs to know they didn’t agree with me.  So I started this business as nothing more than an excuse to always be around the cars I love every day. All these decades later I still can’t believe the plan worked, although I still get that hairy eyeball treatment from those that don’t understand old cars. Oh well.

A little background on those “real” jobs: Before CCA I worked in every aspect of the industry, from high volume dealerships to specialty restoration shops. I’ve been factory-trained and certified on a wide variety of domestic and import makes, am an A.S.E (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) Certified Master Technician, and have completed PPG and Sikkens professional paint schools. I personally restored numerous vehicles and am proud to say my work and cars have won countless awards. Bottom line? As a result of this experience, I know what makes cars tick, and what separates the truly fine examples from all the rest. Oh, yeah, years ago when I couldn’t make ends meet fixing up cars I also had a paper route, sold hot dogs, popcorn, and ice cream from a cart, worked for a tree service, had a commercial snow-plowing business, and a towing company (AKA one $4,000 tow truck) where my specialty was trying not to get killed repossessing cars for a local bank. I believe all of these “professions” offered valuable life lessons. Like giving away hot dogs or letting the ice cream melt gets you in big trouble with the owner of the cart.

I’m really, really picky when it comes to selecting the cars I put my name on. Besides rigorous visual and technical scrutiny, I do the research so that I know whether a vehicle is what it purports to be: what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s supposed to be there, and what isn’t. I am incredibly proud of my reputation. After all, at the end of the day, what else do we have?

Small: On purpose. Colin’s Classic Automobiles is a small company. I like it that way and never intend to change. From my beginning in a two car garage, to my current location, my focus has always been on the cars.  When you visit you will see stunning cars, the best examples of their kind that exist. No cappuccinos, no pony rides for the kids, and no sales staff.

I take great pride in the condition of the vehicles I sell. However, I’ve personally never seen a 100 percent perfect car, so I will always show you everything I like and everything I don’t like about any car I offer for sale. I also encourage and welcome rigorous inspections. A well informed customer is my favorite kind. Really. No pressure, no rush. I am proud of my cars and love showing people what sets them apart.

If you are looking for a particular vehicle, or looking to build a collection, I can help. Put me to work- email me and tell me what you’re looking for. I know where a lot of great cars are, and I maintain close relationships with the “who’s who” of the collector car world. This gives me access to many rare and hard-to-find vehicles that most people just never see. If it’s out there, I can help you find it. And once we find it I can offer full inspection, authentication, and collection building advice to help you make the move that is right for you.


Location, Location, Location. Although hidden from any major thoroughfare, my facility is convenient to anybody wishing to visit. Located three miles north of downtown Milwaukee , and just a short 15 minute drive from either General Mitchell International Airport, our major airport, or Milwaukee’s Timmerman Field airport, I am easy to get to.

Please be sure to arrange an appointment before you visit, as the nature of this business means I’m usually on the road. Just call or email me with a little notice and I’ll be happy to meet you at CCA HQ and show you around.

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