1965 Shelby 289 Cobra CSX2327 – Impeccable History From New



This sensational late production 289 Cobra, chassis number CSX2327, feels like family to me. Why? I originally purchased it for my own collection in 2003 and owned it for many years. During that time I used it to participate in three Copperstate 1000 rallies, as well as numerous other tours, SAAC events, and generally just enjoying it as anybody would a truly great 289 Cobra.

I later sold 2327 to a friend (who also used it for the Copperstate 1000) and later had me sell it to another one of my friends who has owned it since.

Unlike many Cobras out there 2327 has an impeccable history from new, well documented in the SAAC World Registry. Among it’s notable achievements at SAAC-2 in 1977 2327 took 1st Place in the 289 Cobra class, and did it again at SAAC-6 in 1981. When I purchased 2327 in 2003 it came from its owner of 17 years and had under 20,000 miles.

Notably 2327 retains its original aluminum skin, numbers matching original engine, and all of the other bits and pieces that separate the wheat from the chaff in the Cobra world. In a word it is just honest.

During my ownership I painted the car in 2004, the finish it still wears today that still looks flawless, had a professional top-race engine shop rebuild and dyno tune the engine, and had the restorer of P/1046, the LeMans winning GT40 go through the the entire car and sort it to perfection. It has some added little (and easily removable) tweaks such as correct front and rear anti-roll bars, good shocks, stainless steel sleeved calipers and such that truly make this one of the best driving Cobras I’ve ever experienced. And, as you’d guess, I’ve driven a LOT of them.

During the 17 year period where myself and my two friends have owned 2327 I have been responsible for its care and feeding. It has been maintained to the highest standards by the best in the business, and is one of the most mechanically fit and exhilarating Cobras one could ever find. It is the veteran of at least six 1,000 mile rallies and countless other tours, all on which it exhibited the reliability of an anvil. If you want a wheezy show pony to nurse on to the concours lawn on skinny bias ply tires with pea-shooter tail pipes and a cooling system filled with N.O.S. Shelby Holy Water this isn’t the Cobra for you. But if you want a Cobra that has the right bonafides combined with the driving experience one expects from the best sports car ever made 2327 may just be the car for you.



Year: 1965
Mileage: 28,000 mi
VIN: CSX2327
Condition: Just the way you’d want it.
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Black
Transmission: 4 speed T10
Final Drive: 3:77:1
Engine: Numbers matching original 289 HiPo
Drivetrain: RWD