Stuart B. Adams O.D.


You are without question the most honest person I have ever done business with.

Stuart B. Adams O.D.
383 S. Lake Havasu Ave.
Lake Havasu City, AZ.86403

Dear Colin,

I have been a car nut all my life. Buying some and selling some over the years. You are without question the most honest person that I have ever done business with. The description of the car, the quality of the workmanship was exactly as you described, actually the car was even better than you described. You even stated “if you don’t like the car when it arrives, put it back on the trailer”! When that 65 Shelby GT350 rolled off the trailer I was amazed, I thought to myself “no way is Colin getting this back!”

To all customers reading this letter or browsing Colin’s website, you have come to the right place. Colin is not a car salesman, he loves cars, but more importantly he cherishes the friendship that is created during the car transaction. He researches these cars and knows exactly the details of each car. With so many bogus cars out there it has never been more important to have a true friend in the business, Colin is that guy.

I want to personally thank you for the friendship, honesty, and sense of humor. I look forward to doing more business together and seeing you at different venues around the country for years to come.

Stuart B. Adams O.D.