Les Q.


Buying a car from Colin is more like buying a car from an experienced collector rather than a dealer. Better yet, it is like buying a car from a trusted friend.

To:Potential Classic Auto customers and Colin’s website readers,

Chances are, if you are reading this section of Colin’s Classic Auto website you are trying to find out what kind of a person Colin is. More importantly, you are trying to decide whether or not you should trust him as you search for a classic car. I feel that I am qualified to give my thoughts on Colin, as I have purchased eight (8) significant muscle cars from him !

Colin reminds me of the character from the “American Graffiti” movie named John Milner. Milner had the fastest car in town, but was constantly forced to race the new guys with the newest “hot” car that were always trying to dethrone him. For trivia buffs, the actor who portrayed Milner is Paul LeMat , and the guy he races at the end of the film was a “nobody” named Harrison Ford.

Colin, like Milner, is the guy with the tried and true formula that time and time again proves it just plain works. He may not be the flashiest guy with the hottest “new” dealership , but time and time again he takes on the big guys and beats them at their own game. Colin, like Milner, is a one man team that does it all himself. The old fashioned way, again, just like Milner. In today’s classic car world, every other dealer I have found or dealt with is either a guy who is new to the game and doesn’t have the slightest clue as to what he is selling, or your typical used car salesman who is looking for the cheap and easy way to make a buck. You know the type, they don’t care what they sell or how they sell it, and they sure don’t care if you ever come back – especially once your check clears!

On any given day you stand a good chance of not finding Colin at his shop. Rather, he will be out scouring the country for cars that others may have missed. Or visiting friends and car buddies that have cars that you and I may never have the chance to hear about if it were not for him. Colin does things the old fashioned way , he actually goes to all of the car shows,conventions, and races looking for fantastic rare cars. He also reads all of the auto trader type publications and spends hours on the phone and computer every day doing the boring, tedious legwork to find those few special cars. His preference is to buy from a private seller and get a perspective about how the seller is and how the car has been maintained and used over the years. Colin also stays in contact with a huge list of insiders that just know where these types of cars are. This is the old fashioned way to buy a classic car. The right way. This is the way we all would do it if we had the time, experience and contacts. Even if we could make the time, however, we will never have the knowledge and eye for a great car, a real car, that Colin does.

Simply put, Colin is one of the most knowledgeable car guys in the in the world, bar none. He KNOWS cars.

Please do not underestimate that last statement. Today with six-figure muscle cars being commonplace, it has NEVER been more dangerous to buy a classic car. The level and frequency of fraud has never been higher. The effort people are taking to create bogus cars and passing them off as real is unprecedented. It is greed, plain and simple. Even experienced dealers and collectors are getting tricked in today’s market. Therefore, having a real pro like Colin doing the legwork and research for you should not be underestimated. Buying a classic car today without an expert like Colin is reckless , because let’s face it, most of these “great” cars being advertised today are not as represented. And most, if not all, classic car dealers stock their stores like grocers stock shelves. They go to the wholesale market or auctions and buy inventory to stock their stores, without doing any research or background checks. If you are willing to take that kind of risk, don’t pay a middle man, go to an auction yourself. They are open to the public, should you decide to take that gamble.

My suggestion? Take the time to meet Colin and get to know him.He is not in this business for the money. He is not a broker or consignment dealer. When you talk to him, you will know that he honestly loves these cars and buys only cars that he likes. His business philosophy seems to be that he buys a car he likes, enjoys it for a while, and then reluctantly puts it up for sale. He is genuinely sad when one of his coveted cars is sold ! I often tell him that he is a lousy car dealer, and he laughs and agrees.Buying a car from Colin is more like buying a car from an experienced collector rather than a dealer. Better yet, it is like buying a car from a trusted friend. From my experience his descriptions are 100% accurate and more importantly, every single car I have purchased has been delivered in completely sorted out condition.They are detailed to perfection and I can’t imagine them running or driving any better when they were new. It is incredibly refreshing to have cars delivered that are trouble free and ready to be enjoyed , with zero disappointment.Clearly, it is my opinion that Colin is totally candid and trustworthy. I only wish I had met him sooner!

Colin’s business plan seems to be working well and it is still amazing to me that a guy like him exists in this day and age of the “every man for himself” mentality. So, much like the classic muscle car era that came and went in a few brief years, the era where you can call and talk directly with Colin and do business the old fashioned way will unfortunately some day come to an end as well. If you cheered for Milner, get to know Colin. You’ll be glad you did.

Les Q.