Brett and Reba Hammond

I hope our business together continues indefinitely!

6 November 2005

Mr. Colin Comer
Colin’s Classic Automobiles
3833 N Hubbard Street
Milwaukee,Wisconsin 53212

Dear Colin:

I am not a person who would ever make a purchase sight-unseen, no matter how small. However, you immediately impressed me as an honest businessman who has a deep love and keen eye for vintage automobiles.Since the beginning of our business relationship in February, 2005, I have purchased a beautiful 1970 GTO Judge Ram Air III that my wife has driven more than I have, although I have done some pretty nice burnouts in the driveway!

Since then, I have purchased from you, again sight-unseen, a extraordinary 1969 “Survivor” GTO Judge Ram Air III in a rare color that your pictures could not show the true beauty of this NON-Carousel Red “Pontiac Weapon”! This time, I have been the sole driver of this beauty (I don’t let my wife do burnouts!)!

With both of these cars we never experienced anything negative, only positive suprises and tons of compliments (and lots of jealousy) from anyone who has seen them. That’s the main reason I am now in the process of buying my third GTO sight-unseen from you, someone who is halfway across the country from my home. My wife hopes that I will grow out of this “need for speed” soon or we will be running out of garages to house these cars! Personally, I hope that our business together continues indefinitely! I can always build more garages.

Thanks for everything,

Brett Hammond