Roger Morrison


(Colin has) helped me define objectives before purchasing a car. His advice is always candid and forthright based on his considerable experience.

Dear Potential Customers of Colin Comer:

For forty years my wife Sissy and I have enjoyed the benefits of car collecting.  Our cars have taken us to three continents on tours.  They have earned top awards at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and others.  They have engendered friendships with interesting people all around the world.  If it were left up to me alone none of these experiences would have happened.

We owe the enjoyment and success to collaborating with trusted advisors and restoration/tour preparation shops.  When I decided to focus my collection more on high performance cars, I had the good fortune to connect with Colin Comer.  Very importantly he helped me define objectives before purchasing a car.  His advice is always candid and forthright based on his considerable experience.

To date I have purchased three cars from Colin and had three additional cars optimized in his shop to improve performance and safety.  One of which is our 1964 289 Cobra.  We have driven it over 8,000 miles on tours and rallies.  Friends who have driven it are impressed with how precise the handling and performance is thanks to Colin’s fine tuning.

When my cars are in his shop for repairs or improvements, transactions have been transparent and very fair.  His personal experience on the race track and on tours is applied to cars in his shop with superior results.  Because I live in Kansas I have found the best investment I can make is transportation to a specialist with a great track record.  In my experience Colin’s shop is at the top of the list.

I have found Colin’s photographic and written description of a prospective car to be accurate and honest.  After serving thirty years as a judge at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, my eye for detail coincides favorably with Colin’s description.

Although he is primarily known for all things Shelby, his personal collection is eclectic so he has experience with a wide range of automobiles.  His ability to find just the right car for his customer borders on the uncanny.  If you are looking for an interesting car for enjoyment and/or investment, I would call Colin first. I know I will continue to rely on his considerable expertise for years to come.


Roger Morrison