1987 Toyota FJ60 Land Cruiser- Exceptional Condition


This exceptional final-year FJ60 was sold new at Big Horn Toyota in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. It has had just three total owners from new, the first and second in the famous Aspen / Snowmass Village area, and the 3rd who relocated this FJ60 to Nevada, the gentleman who sold it to us in 2017. Considering most FJ60s of this vintage have well over 200k miles (and some even over 300k!) this example’s 147k miles means it is just getting broken it.

As Cruiser aficionados know 1987 is the final year of the FJ60 and the legendary carbureted 2F engine, 4-speed manual transmission, and classic round headlights. 1988 saw the introduction of the FJ62 with the 4.0L EFI engine and automatic transmission, much to the dismay of many purists. Not that they aren’t a fine truck, because what Land Cruiser isn’t, but there is just something about pulling that manual choke out and the lovely “click-click” action of the 4-speed in these FJ60s that makes the experience that much more charming. And, the styling has certainly aged better than that of the FJ62s.

The 1986 and 1987 model years are also sought after for being the most refined of the FJ60s, and incorporating all of the running changes that Toyota had put in place by the end of the FJ60 run, such as a beefier transfer case.

Speaking from experience, and as somebody who has lived with FJ60s continuously since my parents bought our first one new in 1985, these are magnificent vehicles. Capable of conquering almost anything you can throw at them they are also quite comfortable and livable as daily drivers. Unlike the FJ40, the FJ60’s longer wheelbase lends a smooth ride and stable handling. The standard factory power steering and air conditioning, plus front and rear heaters, makes the cabin a pleasant place no matter the season, as does the wonderful greenhouse with virtually no blind spots. And let’s not forget that the rear seat folds flat making a cavernous cargo area that betters just about any modern SUV, as well as a lot of minivans!

But the trick with finding an FJ60 today is finding a good one. Like any modern car many were simply seen as disposable, used up and then left for dead. Plus it is no secret that just like most cars of their era, without proper care, and especially in the wrong climate, they can have serious rust issues. Add to that the standard “used car” concerns such as accident damage, worn out interiors, and multiple owners (each caring less than the previous one in most cases) and the odds of snagging a 31-year old FJ60 in great shape with low miles are obviously poor. Plus, any one you find, no matter how nice it is, will likely have a big list of deferred maintenance required.

Which is why the example I’m offering here is one to seriously consider. It is rust-free, with an outstanding body and chassis, even in all of the common problem areas. Its original interior is extremely nice, another rarity with these trucks. Trust me, I know. I watched my sister ruin at least a couple of them when she was younger. Also note it still has the original Toyota radio in the dash, along with a super-cool dealer installed cassette deck in the proper location. Both the outside and inside of this truck instantly bring you back to what a new one would look like in 1987. No lift kits, big tires, custom interior or other “upgrades” to spoil the experience here.

And, since my purchase of this FJ60 I’ve performed all of the needed maintenance as well as items that go above and beyond but are known to help preserve these trucks for generations to come. It has had all of its fluids changed, a full 60k service with valve adjustment, a new custom aluminum radiator installed, a new OE Toyota exhaust, four new tires and a proper alignment, the braking system fully flushed and serviced, a new A/C compressor and conversion to R134A refrigerant so the A/C blows ice-cold, and many other items to insure it is as close to new mechanically as possible. I’ve also cleaned the chassis and treated all surfaces with Boeing “Boeshield,” a rust-preventative coating that will protect it for a long time, as well as had the inside of all of the doors, rocker panels, and other accessible areas sprayed with Waxoyl Cavity Wax, a creeping, non-hardening, self-sealing coating that will keep rust away for decades if not forever. It is the same procedure I’ve used on all of my Western FJs for years after relocating them to the humid Midwest!

Vintage SUVs are gaining in popularity every day, and with good reason. They are fun, simple, and quite practical. But few live up to the promise as well as an FJ60. They are in the small minority of vintage SUVs that are actually enjoyable to live with and can be used as a substitute for a modern car. Not to mention they possessing that legendary 1980s Toyota build quality and reliability. So no matter what your intended use may be, if you’ve ever wanted a great FJ60 I’d love to have you visit and check this one out. I think you’ll be impressed with it just as much as this life-long Cruiser guy is.




Year: 1987
Mileage: 147,000 mi
Condition: Well Maintained Original
Exterior Color: White
Interior Color: Tan
Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
Engine: 4.2L 2F Six Cylinder
Drivetrain: 4WD