1968 Shelby GT500 #1920 Black-Unrestored-Factory AC


Hen’s Tooth: Unrestored Factory Black over Black, Air Conditioned GT500 with just 36,000 miles from new and a fully documented owner history, including the last 12 years under my care.

This car, #1920, was purchased by its first owner Harold Smith on August 23rd 1968 from Jess Hunter Motors in Pueblo, Colorado. Mr. Smith was a perfectionist, and also a bit of a tinkerer as he added some little period touches to his prized GT500 such as bolt-on Traction Master traction bars (as on 1966 Shelbys), a CD ignition box, a matching S-W vacuum gauge in the center console to compliment the factory S-W oil and amp gauges, a power trunk release, and he also fully carpeted the trunk along with mounting a fire extinguisher in it. He also meticulously maintained #1920 and drove it very infrequently, adding only 23,000 miles in his 25 years of ownership at the time he sold it in 1993. But Smith wouldn’t sell his baby to just anybody, he sold it to his neighbor he’d lived next to since 1971! Shortly after purchasing it this 2nd owner made the tough decision to have the exterior of #1920 professionally refinished because the factory paint was crazing on the Shelby fiberglas items, a common occurrence.

My history with #1920 starts when I ran into the car and this 2nd owner at a show in Phoenix in January, 2006. I immediately fell in love with the car and ended up becoming #1920’s third owner on the spot. It had 34,000 miles at the time. I sorted the car out mechanically and later sold it to a good friend in Scottsdale who drove it about 300 miles in a handful of years. He felt guilty for not using it like he thought he would so I bought 1920 back and returned it to my personal collection. Fast forward to February 2016 and a fellow from Minnesota, Bob, contacted me to help him authenticate a black 1968 GT500 KR he was looking at. When that car didn’t check out (understatement) he asked me to let him know if I saw any great black 1968 Shelby that was for sale. Since I was up to my eyeballs in restoring my GT500 KR Convertible at that time I offered #1920 to him to help fund my KR project. He flew to Milwaukee and bought 1920 on the spot, becoming its 4th owner.

As much as Bob loved #1920 in early 2017 he contacted me to help sell it as he was trying to raise some cash to buy a new airplane, a disease many of us pilots have! Knowing how great 1920 is I encouraged another good friend to buy it, which he did, becoming its 5th owner. He then proceeded to have my shop have 1920’s engine rebuilt and dyno tuned by our ace engine builder as a precaution (to avoid any of the known issues with 49 year old nylon timing gears and things like factory cast FE pistons!), as well as go through every other mechanical component to make sure 1920 was absolutely flawless. All of this is fully documented of course, including the engine blueprinting and dyno sheets.

Now, to add to this crazy chain of events, shortly after we completed 1920 for my buddy he was allocated a new 2017 Ford GT- and as we all know that is an opportunity one doesn’t pass up! So he’s decided to have me sell 1920 for him to help fund the GT that is on its way to his garage.

As it sits today 1920 remains one of the most impressive 1968 GT500s I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. Beyond its most desirable color combo, 36,000 miles from new, recent $20k+ in servicing, it is in simply incredible unrestored condition. The 1994 repaint remains in stunning condition as you can see, and its completely original interior is the best you’ll ever see. The vinyl, trim, gauges, switches and everything you see look brand new with virtually no detectible wear. 1920 rides on new radial tires wrapped around correct 15×6″ steel wheels and correct original hubcaps. Its complete exhaust is its original factory-installed unit. All sheetmetal, fiberglass, glass, trim, and all Shelby-specific parts are factory original. The Shelby and Ford VIN tags and buck tag are original as well, and have never been removed from the vehicle. The is zero rust, anywhere, nor has there ever been. Almost all factory inspection stamps and markings are still intact today. It runs, drives, and performs as new with impressive performance and is as tight and crisp as any 1968 Shelby I’ve ever experienced. And, with her freshly rebuilt and dyno-tuned original engine you’d be shocked at how 1920 moves!

If you have been looking for a vintage Shelby GT500 that checks all the boxes is truly special it would be my honor to show you #1920. I know you won’t be disappointed.



Price: $ 155000
Year: 1968
Mileage: 36,000 mi
VIN: 1920
Condition: Unrestored
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Black
Transmission: Original C6 Automatic
Final Drive: 3.00:1
Engine: Original 428 PI
Drivetrain: RWD

Price: $ 155,000