1973 Mustang Convertible – Incredible MCA Division 1 Resto!


Coming soon- this incredible and extremely highly optioned 1973 Mustang Convertible that was the subject of an insane MCA Division 1 restoration using almost exclusively NOS parts! This car is certainly one of a kind and showcases the art of a truly proper restoration where everything looks, functions, feels, and even smells like new. As you know I love original, unrestored cars but as somebody who has restored cars for nearly 40 years I also fully appreciate the research, commitment, and skill it takes to achieve a result like this. And this car in particular simply blew my mind so I had to have it! Stay tuned for more info on what certainly has to be one of the finest final year first gen Mustangs that exist.

Year: 1973
Drivetrain: FWD