Unrestored 1969 Shelby GT350 4-Speed Convertible – One Owner For 46 Years!


Some of the rarest Shelbys of all are the 1969 and 1970 Convertibles. Made in minuscule numbers, as in just 529 total of BOTH GT350 and GT500s for BOTH model years! Breaking that down even further just 194, yes, 194!, were GT350 Convertibles. For 1969 and 1970. The vast majority of which came equipped with an automatic transmission. So as you can see a factory 4-speed 1969 GT350 Convertible was uber-rare from the start.

Now, fast forward to today, how many of those few 4 speed cars of the 194 car total production survived? And how many that “survived” are not a VIN tag with a bunch of new metal, new drivetrain, and reproduction parts and fiberglass surrounding it? You know the type, often seen in the wild under a tent awaiting its turn to roll its way over a stage and get sold to an unsuspecting buyer by an auctioneer who is his best friend….for 3 minutes at least.

So for those attempting to build a Shelby collection of true quality, or just have one great convertible 4-speed Shelby GT350 to enjoy, it has long been “Mission Impossible” it seems.

Which is why I am happy to offer this incredible UNRESTORED ORIGINAL 1969 GT350 Convertible that is truly one of a kind. It was 1 of 1 to begin with, based on its stunning factory Gulfstream Aqua paint, optional Close Ratio 4-Speed, and more. But it was also owned by one caring lady owner from 1970-2016, an amazing 46 years! And clearly the reason it sits here today as a virtual time capsule sporting its original factory applied paint, completely original interior, original factory installed convertible top, and, of course, its complete and original engine and drivetrain front to back.

Simply put: There isn’t a better one around, not counting the killer Gulfstream Aqua color. And it can walk the walk, too because we recently performed a full mechanical sorting of the car top to bottom. The original engine was fully rebuilt, balanced, blueprinted within the last 4,000 miles.

The car is offered on behalf of its 80 year old enthusiast owner who is also a decades long Pebble Beach Concours judge, among other things. During the past year he picked the car up here at Classic Auto, drove it home to Kansas, then shortly thereafter proceeded to drive it to Missouri and complete the 5 day GT350 Tour in it and then drove it back home to Kansas again- all without one issue! If that doesn’t speak to its road worthiness I don’t know what does.

Here is a link to a video of it being exercised by its current owner before being placed on display at “The Garage”, a new museum in Salina Kansas as part of their Muscle Car exhibit: VIDEO OF THIS GT350 IN ACTION

History: Fully documented from new with original dealership paperwork, maintenance receipts, registration slips, and more. Lock solid, air tight, no stories.

It is also offered with both the recently installed Pirelli W-speed rated P700 tires as well as a new set of proper reproduction Polyglas tires.


-One lady owner from 1970-2016

-Gulfstream Aqua/gold longitudinal stripes
-One of one as equipped per Elite Marti Report
-One of thirty-one with close ratio 4-speed
-Original copies of continuous ownership records and maintenance
-Professionally dry ice cleaned unrestored chassis
-Black Clarion knit/Corinthian vinyl high back seats
-Black top with glass blacklite
-Featured in The Shelby American magazin Fall 2022 issue
-Service records from new
-Successful entrant in 2022 GT350 tour- driven to and from the event as well
-Recent $17k comprehensive service
-Suspension to 1965 GT350 specs and full sorting by Colin Comer
-Koni shocks/ lowered a-arms/ new Pirelli V rated tires
-Factory 3.25 traction/lok rear axle
-Original mini spare and Ford inflator

Will you be the next lucky caretaker to hop in this incredible GT350 and drive it home?

Available SOON on Bring-a-Trailer!

Year: 1969
VIN: 481262
Condition: Unrestored Original
Exterior Color: Gulfstream Aqua
Interior Color: Black
Transmission: Close Ratio 4 Speed
Final Drive: 3.25 Traction-Loc
Engine: 351W 4V
Drivetrain: RWD