1969 Hurst/Olds 455


This unrestored, factory air conditioned 1969 Hurst/Olds not only is the finest you’ll find it also has some of the best paperwork I have ever seen for any rare muscle car.

A little history: The H/O was Oldsmobile’s trick to get around the GM 400 CID engine size cap for their intermediate (A-Body) cars. The H/O wasn’t a 4-4-2, and there was a good reason for that. Oldsmobile joined forces with Hurst to build the Hurst/Olds using Oldsmobile’s new 455 cubic inch engine and claimed that subcontractor Demmer Engineering in Lansing, Michigan would be installing the specially-prepped and Ram Air fed 455 rather than it happening on a GM assembly line. Of course nothing could have been further from the truth, Olds was installing the H/O engines on the line and simply shipping the cars to Demmer to apply the Firefrost Gold two-tone treatment and hand pinstriping over the factory Cameo White paint. More noticeable features installed at Demmer were the 1969 H/O’s pedestal mounted rear spoiler, Hurst Dual/Gate shifter, matching Firefrost Gold striped headrests, special H/O rear view mirrors, the Ram Air setup and two mailbox sized hood scoops to feed it that, in case you didn’t know what you were looking at, were lettered with “H/O 455.” Restricted only by the production capacity of Demmer Engineering just 906 H/Os were produced for 1969 and less than one third of those were equipped with factory A/C.

And this H/O is not only one of the factory A/C cars but also heavily loaded with other rare factory options like power steering, power brakes, N34 Custom Sport steering wheel, deluxe radio and “Bi-Phonic” rear speaker, full tinted glass, HD cooling, U21 Rocket Rally Pac dash, and the optional G80 Positraction rear with the optional steeper 3.23:1 cog stuffed in it. All of these options can be seen on the factory window sticker posted in the photos.

But here’s the coolest part: This H/O was purchased new in June, 1969 from Money Oldsmobile in Phoenix, Arizona by a then 54-year old Christine Moore who traded in her 1967 Chevelle SS on it. Christine not only saved every slip of original documentation from new but she would also end up keeping her beloved Hurst/Olds for the rest of her life. Christine passed away in 1980, and her family kept the H/O until 1988 when they sold it to its second owner Len W. Len brought the well-loved and carefully preserved H/O back to life and sold it to Jim C. four years later in 1992. Jim then sold it to Larry N. in 1999, after which it went to a very prominent collection ten years later. It was from this collection that I purchased it.

The condition of the car is simply spectacular. It was represented as original paint to me and I can not see any signs to disprove that, and even after testing it with a digital paint gauge it is all within factory spec except a few small areas that appear to have been blended during the car’s detailing. The interior is completely original and simply mint in all regards. The original engine and transmission were removed and rebuilt to the highest standards by a known Oldsmobile specialist simply as a precaution after so many years and extended storage after Christine Moore’s passing. When I purchased the car I had my shop fully service it, including brake hydraulics, new ethanol-safe fuel hoses where needed, and tuning the car to perfection. A new Gardner concours correct exhaust has also been fitted, as have new correct reproduction tires. The car runs and drives as new and everything except the clock works- and I mean everything!

Well known to all Hurst/Olds experts, “Christine’s Money Olds” Hurst is by far one of the most impressive Hurst/Oldsmobiles in existence. Its history, paperwork, and incredible condition are second to none and you can hop in and drive it anywhere. Any 1969 Hurst/Olds is a very rare find, but one like this is simply not to be duplicated.

Price: SOLD. Thank you for your interest!

Price: $ 100000
Year: 1969
Mileage: 86,528 mi
VIN: 344879M399667
Condition: Detailed Unrestored
Exterior Color: Cameo White and Firefrost Gold
Interior Color: Black
Transmission: M40 TH400 Automatic with Hurst Dual/Gate
Final Drive: G80 Anti-Spin with G91 optional 3.23:1 ratio
Engine: 455 CID 380HP 500 Ft/Lbs TQ!
Drivetrain: RWD

Price: $ 100,000