1967 Sunbeam Tiger Mk.2 – 33k Miles- Unrestored

From my personal collection- an unrestored California garage find Mk.2 Tiger with 33,000 miles.

The backstory: this incredibly original MkII Tiger was unearthed from the Los Angeles garage of a very private Ford collector who had passed away, and it didn’t take long for me to hear about it as one of my friends in the hobby caught wind of the discovery. Within 24 hours I was flying to Los Angeles to inspect this MkII Tiger, a Boss 302 and a 1966 GT350 that all came from the same estate. All were unrestored and clearly exceptional cars, albeit covered in dust from their decades in storage. I quickly purchased them and brought them home, at which point the sympathetic refurbishment of this MkII Tiger began.

During this mechanical freshening, the original 289 CI engine was rebuilt by noted race engine builder George Forge and at my  direction fitted with a 331 CI forged “stroker” crank and forged H-beam connecting rods, as well as a solid lifter camshaft, roller rockers and other hidden tweaks to make this a Tiger that performs like no other. The transmission, differential and braking system were rebuilt, including the factory power brake booster. All other mechanics, including the fuel, cooling, suspension, steering and braking systems, were also gone through with no stone left unturned. After much suspension tuning the original rear leaf springs were replaced with custom “anti-wrap up” springs from Dale’s Tiger Parts, which allowed the removal of the bolt-on LAT traction bars improving both ride and handling. Also, the period Koni shocks were replaced with modern externally adjustable shocks also from Dale’s. Under the hood, a set of new California Association of Tiger Owners (C.A.T.) stainless steel headers now connect to the cars original LAT-74 exhaust. Of course, the original parts are neatly boxed and included with the sale.

The exterior of the car features a decades-old repaint that still presents exceptionally well, and the interior is original and in exceptional shape.

There is no sign of any rust repair or accident damage anywhere on the car, and its critical original body and VIN tags have also never been removed, a very important distinction.

It is fitted with nearly every LAT (Los Angeles Tiger) accessory from new, including the following:

LAT-1: Super Induction Kit
LAT-4: “TIGER” Oil Pan
LAT-6: Bolt-on Traction Masters
LAT-7: Scatter Shield
LAT-7A: Traction Master Bushings
LAT-8: Aluminum “TIGER” Valve Covers
LAT-50: Dana Limited Slip Differential
LAT-52: Crown Wheel and Pinion 3.31:1
LAT-70: Polished Alloy Wheels
LAT-70BT: Traction Master# Alloy Wheel
LAT-72: Motorola Radio Kit
LAT-74: 2-inch Exhaust System
LAT-75: Spinners for LAT-70 Wheels
LAT-78: Lugs for LAT-70 Wheels

All of these items are still with the car and original LAT items, NOT reproductions. The car also features the optional factory hardtop, another very sought after item.

According to Tiger Historian Norman Miller, this is the fourteenth MkII produced. Jensen lists it completed on Wednesday the 28th of December 1966. It was built up using the twenty-first “Tiger 2” body assembled by Pressed Steel and finished from new in Carnival Red. Mr. Miller also noted that the rear axle, ignition/door and accessory key lock barrel numbers have also been confirmed as original.

The 534 MkII Tigers produced are without question the top of the Tiger food chain, which makes finding one like this an impressively authentic and largely unrestored example that much more special. Not to mention when it has been mechanically sorted without regard to cost as part of my well-known Shelby and Tiger collection.

To see it run, drive, and look in, around, and under it please check out this recent Hagerty Sunbeam Tiger Buyer’s Guide I did recently using this car: Click Here To Watch Video

Price: $150,000

Year: 2021
Drivetrain: FWD