1966 Shelby GT350 “Carryover” 6S145


*Sorry, 6S145 has been SOLD. Thanks for all of the interest in this great GT350!*

A rare opportunity to acquire a truly exceptional 1966 GT350 “Carryover”

6S145 is one of just 252 such cars produced. These unique cars were called “leftovers” or “carryovers” due to the fact that they are actually 1965 cars that Shelby serialized and sold as 1966 model year cars. More of this interesting story can be found at the great website www.carryovergt350.com .

But as rare as any Carryover car is there are a few important things that further separate the wheat from the chaff, even with just 252 cars to begin with. The most desired specification is finding an original “two-seater” Carryover with a factory installed rear package tray instead of the optional rear seat that was new-for-1966. Just 95 so called “Package Tray” cars were originally delivered and 6S145 is documented as one of them. Furthermore it was also delivered new with factory-installed LeMans stripes and the 1965 Cragar mag wheels, just as it remains today. The combination of these three options is quite unique and desirable.

Which brings me to 6S145’s great history. While we all joke about if cars could talk, if that ever happens this car might have some of the better stories around. It is, it seems 6S145 led a fairly normal life until sometime in the 1980s when it fell into the hands of some, umm, entrepreneurs who were in the import/export business of a certain Columbian product if you catch my drift. And somehow they decided a good, low-key (and suitably swift) way to transport their wares was to use 6S145 as a mule by stuffing her rocker full of product. To make her look like just an old Mustang she was painted all white and the side scoops were removed. Yet as ingenious as this plan was it didn’t work. In 1988 6S145 was seized by a government agency who doesn’t take kindly to such entrepreneurial ventures, no matter how cool your transportation may be.

Not knowing what the car was they sent 6S145 to a junkyard and ordered it destroyed. Thankfully a Shelby enthusiast worked at the junkyard knew exactly what it was saved 6S145 from the crusher, quickly arranging a sale to his friend, a fellow Shelby guy. Other than horrible paint and looking rather disheveled (wouldn’t you?) 6S145 was in remarkably great shape. All of her sheetmetal was original, as was the interior, seat belts, steering wheel, complete drivetrain including her original engine and transmission, even the original fiberglass hood and often changed “service items” like the S2MS carburetor and GT350 specific radiator were there. I have a full set of photos showing 6S145 on the day of its jail break that show this great originality pre-restoration in detail.

Once  saved 6S145 underwent a meticulous restoration to standards far above what was the norm in the late 1980s, and she went on to be featured in Mustang Monthly in July, 2000. Since that time she has been treated with fastidious care by a long term owner whom I purchased 6S145 from in early 2015. Upon my purchase I embarked on a comprehensive mechanical renovation to bring her performance up to my lofty standards. Some examples: The original numbers-matching engine was completely rebuilt, balanced, and blueprinted by our ace engine builder with all of the “tweaks” we’ve developed over the last 30 years, and then broken in and precisely tuned on the dyno. 145’s original aluminum T-10M transmission was completely rebuilt as well with REM-treated gears and careful blueprinted assembly. A custom aluminum driveshaft was installed as well. The complete suspension and Koni shocks were carefully gone through and setup to my specifications, and a V rated set of Michelin tires fitted. The braking system had all hydraulics rebuilt and Porterfield R4S compound pads and shoes installed. All ethanol safe fuel hoses were fitted, the original radiator re-cored, and a new heater core installed. A concours-correct Scott Fuller exhaust was installed mated up to original Tri-Y headers that were black ceramic coated. And the list goes on. Suffice it to say there is not a better sorted or better performing Carryover car around.

Bridging the gap between the 1965 and 1966 GT350s with the unique combination of a 1965 chassis and the visual appeal of the 1966 side scoops and Plexiglas quarter windows a Carryover car is truly the best of both worlds. Add to that the fact that just 252 were produced, making them the rarest of the bunch, and you can see why they are so desirable and rarely seen on the open market. To find one at all, let alone one with the credentials of 6S145 (Package tray, stripes, wheels, complete original drivetrain, sheetmetal, and all Shelby components, a completely documented history, and thoroughly sorted and fine tuned by yours truly), is a likely unrepeatable event.






Year: 1965.5
Condition: Restored
Exterior Color: White/ Factory LeMans Stripes
Interior Color: Black
Transmission: Original T-10M 4 Speed
Final Drive: 3.89:1
Engine: Original Numbers Matching 289 HiPo
Drivetrain: RWD