1966 Shelby 427 Cobra CSX3166 – One of the finest original Big Block Cobras


One of the finest original 427 Cobras extant, CSX3166 has a fully documented and absolutely unblemished history from new.

Unlike most other Big Block Cobras, 3166 has never been crashed, cut, modified, lost its original drivetrain, or suffered the grave indignity of having her skin cut for a hood scoop, roll bar, or the dreaded side pipes. She was also delivered new in desirable Silver Mink paint and has remained in this stunning hue ever since, another rarity.

To restate, 3166 retains all of its original aluminum outer and inner panels, engine, transmission, rear differential, carburetors, etc. It is extremely pure throughout. Today she sits on reproduction Sunburst wheels but her original set of Sunbursts are also included for show use.

Better still, not to point out the obvious, but being a 31xx chassis Street 427, 3166 has all of the extremely desirable features these few cars were delivered with the least of which is not a true 427 cubic inch race-bred engine with 2×4 induction.

If you’ve been looking for “the one” this could very well be it. Of course all of this greatness comes with a tall price, but this is certainly one instance where buying the best is justified. Why? Because you can never  recapture the things an “almost” Cobra gives you for their slight reduction in price. At any cost. After all, life is too short to have a car with stories, don’t you agree?

Serious buyers please contact me directly to discuss 3166, or better yet, come see her in person. Click Here to Email Colin

Year: 2023
Drivetrain: FWD