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Welcome to Colin’s Classic Automobiles

The Foundation

I founded Colin’s Classic Automobiles to offer the quality of collector cars and service that I found to be sorely lacking in this world of fly-by-night operators and self-proclaimed “experts.” While first and foremost I am a car collector, I also sell a very small number of the best, premium quality cars to discerning buyers- most coming from my personal collection when I run out of room or decide to change up the roster a bit.

Besides this dealership my other “job” is writing about collector cars. The history of these machines and the people that surround them simply fascinates me. I am deeply honored to have my writing regularly featured in publications such as the New York Times, Business Week, USA Today, and others along with frequent television appearances and seminars. I am also a Contributing Editor to Road & Track Magazine, as well as Editor-at-Large for Sports Car Market and American Car Collector Magazines for the past decade. In 2012 Autoweek named me as an automotive industry “Movers and Shaker” for my contributions to the collector car world and my writing, including the four (and counting) books I have authored (shameless plug:

Shopping Advice

As somebody literally immersed in the collector car market on a daily basis, let me share some thoughts with collector car shopping: Chances are, because of the small number of cars I sell, most people that visit this site won’t end up buying a car from me. So my advice for anybody looking to buy a collector car is to be diligent. Educate yourself on the particular make and model you seek. Attend any number of the excellent collector car seminars that are held at most major auction events. Do your research. Investigate. Ask the tough questions. Align yourself with a trusted expert if you are unsure. This isn’t pocket change, a good car represents a major investment so find the best example of the car you want and buy it. As time goes on you’ll be happy you did. Having a car you truly enjoy owning, and doesn’t have you throwing good money after bad, is money well spent.

My Inventory

Browse my current listings on the inventory page. As mentioned, I could be the lowest volume collector car dealer on the planet, so it won’t take long to see what I have up for grabs- if anything. But I am constantly working on my own collection and you never know what I will decide to sell or like enough to bring home for resale.

I Can Help 

If you are searching for a specific car and don’t see it here let me know. I have connections throughout the hobby and often help find cars for people that are never advertised. I offer consulting and inspection services as well. If interested, drop me an email at

Thanks for visiting!