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Unrestored 1967 Shelby GT500 4 Speed #1763

Vehicle Description

I’m pleased to offer this unrestored, factory white/ 4 speed/ inboard headlight 1967 GT500 from my personal collection. It is car #1763, and sits today as it has since Day One in its original “as-delivered” specification. 1763 has never had a color change, or added Le Mans stripes, nor did it begin life as something else as many 1967s are today. Furthermore, and most importantly, 1763 retains its original factory installed engine, transmission, and rear end, as well as its factory original sheet metal, fiberglass, interior, and Shelby specific components- all things crucial to the integrity of these special cars.

I’ve known this car for roughly 20 years, and even tried to buy it about 18 years ago but was beat to the punch by its last owner Jon Johnson. Unfortunately a few years after Jon purchased it he passed away, and because his family knew how important this GT500 was to him they held on it it until selling it to me early this year. Upon my purchase, due to its lengthy time in storage (some 15 years) I had 1763 completely gone through in my shop. No stone was left unturned nor was any expense spared to make it run, drive, perform and function as new. The entire drivetrain has been professionally rebuilt, as has the fuel, braking, and suspension systems. New correct Polyglas tires were also mounted on its correct 15×6″ steel wheels with mint original 1967 Shelby hubcaps. All of this service work is fully documented and I am happy to go over it in detail.

Since getting 1763 back on the road I have driven it extensively over this summer, in fact, its first stop was SAAC-42 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in June for the 50th Celebration of the 1967 Shelby. 1763 took part in all of it, including the track touring and driving around Indiana! While at the convention I offered some seat time in 1763 to my friend “Mr. GT350″ Chuck Cantwell and he was more than happy to try her out, signing the dashboard when he was done.

Now, for the part where most Shelbys fall short yet 1763 excels- history. Every owner since new is accounted for. There are no gaps in its history, no missing years, no omitted details. Other than one repaint in 1986 by its 3rd owner and the aforementioned mechanical freshening 1763 is completely original and unrestored. Oh, yeah, just to spell it out:

1967 GT500 Ownership History:

Sold 7/24/67 to original owner Don Bolmgreen (Brookings, SD) who placed it in storage in 1976, Bolmgreen sold to Owner #2 Mark Goodrich in1981 (Rapid City, SD), sold to Owner #3 Brent Willan in 1986 (Rapid City, SD) with 64k miles- Willan repainted in 1986, sold to Owner #4 Robert Werner 1/15/87 (Batesville, IN), sold to Owner #5 Andy Borg (Duluth MN) in ’87, Borg sold on 3/26/97 to Duffy’s (Cedar Rapids, IA), Duffy’s sold to Owner #6 Jon Johnson in 1999. Johnson’s widow sold the Owner #7 Colin Comer (Milwaukee, WI) May 2017.

And, just for the heck of it, some more facts and figures for those who like such things as much as I do:

Shelby VIN 67400F4A01763 Decoded:

67- 1967

4- 428 PI Engine

0- 4 speed transmission

0- Base Vehicle (no A/C)

F – Fastback

4 – Wimbledon White

A – Black Interior

01763 – Shelby Serial Number (consecutive)

Ford Build Date: 4/11/1967 Shelby Build Date: 4/21/1967

DSO: 2580  

Original Dealer code: 74 (Larry Lange Ford – Cedar Falls, IA)

Ford VIN: 7R02Q19**** verified on both front aprons and with SAAC

Block C6ME-A Date: 7B24 (Feb. 24th 1967)

Trans: 7R02Q19**** (TAG: RUG S 7 010738)

Differential: DSO-C7ZX C, 3:50 6MC 964 (3rd Week December 1966)

Front carb: LIST 2804, C3AF-9510-BK DATE: 715 (5th week Jan. 1967)

Rear carb: LIST 2805 C3AF-9510-BJ DATE: 721 (1st week Feb. 1967)

Distributor: C5A12127 Date: 7B10 (Feb. 10th 1967)

Alternator: Date: 7A14 (January 14th 1967)

In summary #1763 is a highly original, fully documented 1967 GT500 in a very desirable configuration that is completely sorted and ready to drive anywhere. It is fully documented in the Shelby Registry and SAAC has confirmed its Ford and Shelby vins. #1763 is meticulously setup and tuned to perform as it should, with all systems and components working as new. I know I’m biased because I love the old girl but I think 1763 stands head and shoulders above “restored” cars that are usually incorrect, built with reproduction parts and/or from a rusty old pile of Shelby remains, or have decades long gaps in their histories, fake VIN tags or any number of other sins. Don’t be fooled by imposters. “Shiny” fades but quality and originality is forever, and that is what 1763 offers. The first time you sit in that original interior, fire up its fresh original 428 PI and open up all eight barrels while rowing that original 4 speed I know you’ll agree!

Price: $195,000

Vehicle Specifications

  • Price: $ 195000
  • Year: 1967
  • Mileage: 87,000 mi
  • VIN: 1763
  • Condition: Unrestored with one repaint
  • Exterior Color: White
  • Interior Color: Black
  • Transmission: 4 Speed
  • Final Drive: 3.50:1
  • Engine: 428 CID PI 2x4BBL
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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